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Unlocking the power of conversational AI in banking and finance

Pros & Cons of rule based V AI chatbots Despite these numbers, implementing a CAI solution can be tricky and time-consuming. 70% of companies use a conversational solution to assist agents in retrieving information, canned responses etc to resolve queries faster. Conversational AI refers to the development of computer programs that can interact with humans […]

Is Healthcare Conversational AI the Next Big Thing for Healthcare Industry?

Give your patients hassle-free insurance services with Kommunicate’s AI chatbot for insurance. Economies in Southeast Asia & Pacific and Europe have been reporting high adoption rates historically, and these solutions are likely to cater to the surge in demand from patients. Chatbots also need to use better fraud detection mechanisms to separate a bot from […]

Chat GPT and Other Creative Rivals University of London

Chat GPT Sign Up Steps How to Create Chat GPT Account Understanding how E-E-A-T can help your website and how to adapt your approach based on your users needs is essential. The team at Damson Cloud have the expertise to support your business and help you achieve success, regardless of whether you’re new to Google […]

Bots are purchasing limited edition products to re-sell at a higher price

Beat the bots: London start-up suggests solution to bots beating you to the best Black Friday deals Artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots are now an essential part of any sales or support strategy. They’re affordable, relatively simple to implement, and massively effective at driving efficiency. Combined with sales force automation software and a sales CRM, they’re […]

Understanding RPA Guidance for designing, delivering and sustaining RPA within the NHS NHS Transformation Directorate

IAMRecognised Ltd Robotic Process Automation Software Solutions RPA Digital Marketplace These allow businesses to automate tasks that were once thought too complex or human centric for machines to accomplish. Despite large-scale investments in process automation solutions, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), most critical business processes still consist of data-driven manual tasks such as collecting, […]